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After the second tournament, Christie tried to convince Donovan to get rid of Helena permanently, as she was seeking out information about Project Alpha, but they had to lay low due to the mistakes made last time; the CIA were still looking for Maria's shooter, and Donovan's team still had to find Hayate, who they were using for Project Epsilon . In order to lure Hayate in, Christie suggested they created a third tournament, and use Genra , a former shinobi of the Mugen Tenshin clan , as bait to get all the shinobi in.

"Alive Inside" changed the world for many elders, but the film's questions still remain- How were so many of our elders forgotten? Can we reconnect them to life?

The Model Rail Exhibit you know and love has expanded into Grand Plaza. With over 800 feet of track, the Holiday Model Rail Exhibit has grown even larger this year! The display features eighteen consecutive running trains and a 15-foot, 3-D, lighted Kansas City Southern Rudy train engine!

While the start of the tournament is being officially announced, Kasumi finds Ayane in the crowd. Ayane tells her that she is there to avenge Hayate too, as well as kill her, under the orders of her foster father Genra . The girls quickly discover that Raidou is working with the head of DOATEC, Fame Douglas , but when Ayane tries to get him, even though Kasumi tries to stop her, the girl is beaten back. Fame then tells Kasumi that if she wants to face Raidou in battle, she has to come out as winner in the tournament.

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Alive City LifeAlive City LifeAlive City LifeAlive City Life

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