Soulful congress the drum battle

This engagement of Joan Soriano is funded through Southern Exposure: Performing Arts of Latin America, a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts.

“We are so excited to unveil these first 19 musical artists who will perform for our residents and visitors during the 10-day festival,” said Maureen Bausch, CEO of the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee. “This celebration will display the Minnesota Sound to all who come out to Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon to make lasting memories and be a part of the Super Bowl fun. Between these musical performers, art, entertainment, dancing and of course, football, Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon will have something for everyone. This venue is our greatest opportunity to showcase Minnesota’s Bold North lifestyle and culture to the world.”

[Ed. note: It doesn't feel much like Christmas in my spirit this year, but some traditions you just can't let go of, can you? If the National Enquirer , or Us , or The Worldly World News , or whatever the heck that supermarket tabloid had on its cover is correct, this might be the last "Holiday Ode" post that will post while Phil Spector is alive. Supposedly, he's only got six weeks to live. But that's what they said last year, didn't they? Anyways, doesn't matter, maybe some people can't separate the talent and legacy from the person who inhabits it, but I can. So Merry Christmas, Phil - you're still a musical hero of mine, and you changed the way pop music commemorated the season.]

GRAMMY winner Kurt Elling is among the world’s foremost jazz vocalists. He won the DownBeat Critics Poll for fourteen consecutive years and was named “Male Singer of the Year” by the Jazz Journalists Association on eight occasions. An international jazz award winner, he has also been GRAMMY nominated a dozen times. Elling’s rich baritone spans four octaves and features both astonishing technical mastery and emotional depth. His repertoire includes original compositions and modern interpretations of standards, all of which are springboards for inspired improvisation, scatting, spoken word and poetry. The New York Times declared, “Elling is the standout male vocalist of our time.” The Washington Post added, “Since the mid-1990s, no singer in jazz has been as daring, dynamic or interesting as Kurt Elling. With his soaring vocal flights, his edgy lyrics and sense of being on a musical mission, he has come to embody the creative spirit in jazz.”

In prayer we trust/By hope we live/On truth we stand/From our hearts we give/Love. – Sweet Honey in The Rock® Sweet Honey In The Rock ® remains among the most ...

F/I: Space Mantra  (Sorcerer) LP
Sorcerer Records present a reissue of F/i’s Space Mantra, originally released on RRRecords in 1988. First time on vinyl for nearly 30 years for this classic slice of American space rock. Milwaukee’s F/i have been an ongoing concern since 1981, pioneering a certain brand of experimental rock which encompasses elements of industrial and psychedelic space-rock sounds. Originally a purely electronic outfit heavily influenced by Throbbing Gristle and prolific in the underground tape scene, they made the transition to “rock band” in the mid ’80s, and for many, 1988’s Space Mantra LP remains the high point. With fuzzed guitars, metronomic rhythms, swirling synths, and occasionally bucolic forays into blissful acoustics, it’s a masterful take on cosmic music during the Reagan years. It was previously only ever released on LP once by the famed RRRecords label. RIYL: Hawkwind, Amon Düül, Causa Sui, Cluster. Edition of 500.

Lest one begin to think that all of Sweet Honey In The Rock’s music is heavy, #LoveInEvolution is also abounding in messages of optimism, faith, pride in self, and romantic love. The soulful blues bounce of Carol’s, “Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Love”, is a fantasy based on some sweet sticky reality about soul mates that rekindle an emotional connection that ended suddenly decades ago. The group shares its deliriously percussive 40 th anniversary inspired theme, “Sweet Sweet Honey!” (from 2013’s, “Forty & Fierce” shows) as well as the Latin groove, “This Place Inside Where I Can Rest”, about finding and celebrating one’s spiritual center.

Ensconcing haze intensified the hypnosis, and the band closed the night with a triumphant encore. Looking through the smoke, you couldn't help but wonder for how long such precious refuge might linger. The audience glowed under the beaming lights, and the final notes hovered.

A Blue Christmas and a Funky New Year
A roaring fireplace isn't the only way to keep warm during the holidays; get down with these sultry blues and soul songs from R&B legends like James Brown and contemporary soul-revivalists like Sharon Jones.

Soulful Congress The Drum Battle

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