Coati mundi sherman brothers que pasa me no pop i you you you

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Hi Joan, a Coati Mundi is a large animal in the raccoon family. If you click on the word in my blog post it will take you to a Wikipedia link with a description or you can Google coati mundi and it will show you some pictures. They are pretty impressive!

Release Date : August 5, 1983 (USA)

Genre : Comedy / Music

Plot Synopsis : Mega-promoter Colin Beverly plans to sabotage the New Year's 1983 concert of small-time operator Max Wolfe. Wolfe's assistants Neil Allen and Willie Loman find romance while trying to save the drugs, violence, and rock and roll from Beverly's schemes.

Runtime : 92 min

Cast (in credits order)
Malcolm McDowell ... Reggie Wanker
Allen Garfield ... Max Wolfe (as Allen Goorwitz)
Daniel Stern ... Neil Allen
Gail Edwards ... Willy Loman
Miles Chapin ... Sammy Fox
Ed Begley Jr... Colin Beverly
Stacey Nelkin ... Susie Allen
Bill Henderson ... King Blues
Lou Reed ... Auden
Howard Kaylan ... Captain Cloud
Lori Eastside ... Nada
Lee Ving ... Piggy
John Densmore ... Toad
Anna Bjorn ... Chantamina
Robert Picardo ... O'Connell
Bobby Sherman ... Mark
Fabian ... Marv (as Fabian Forte)
Franklyn Ajaye ... Cool
Denise Galik ... Nurse Gwen
Tim Jones ... Arthur
Dan Frischman ... Joey
Mary Woronov ... Violetta
Barry Diamond ... Stagehand
Paul Bartel ... Dr. Carver
Jackie Joseph ... Susie's Mom
Dick Miller ... Susie's Dad
Charlie Stavola ... Taxi Driver
Charity James ... Debby
Sam Laws ... Minister
Clint Howard ... Usher
Chuck Hanson ... Savage Beast
Susan Saiger ... Buffy
James W. Gavin ... Helicopter pilot (as James Gavin)
Kristen Addix ... Nada Band
Laurie Bell ... Nada Band
Kim Burgemeyer ... Nada Band
Michele Carpenter ... Nada Band
Marleigh Clark ... Nada Band
Shari Famous ... Nada Band
Tahni Handal ... Nada Band
Sunbie Harrell ... Nada Band
Susan Justin ... Nada Band
Marci Marks ... Nada Band
Suzi Sidewinder ... Nada Band
Robin Stewart ... Nada Band
Che Zuro ... Nada Band
Philo Cramer ... Jews Band
Daniel Davies ... Jews Band
Gary Gershaw ... Jews Band
Andrew J. Lederer ... Jews Band
Coati Mundi ... Reggie Band
Jonathan Melvoin ... Reggie Band
Derf Scratch ... Reggie Band
Allan Arkush ... Audience member at concert
Linnea Quigley ... Groupie

Coati Mundi Sherman Brothers Que Pasa Me No Pop I You You You

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