Turquoise days grey skies

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Black - A tie with Pelikan Brilliant Black for the deepest, darkest most opaque black ink available today. I think the Aurora ink is one of, if not the, smoothest to write with. My favorite black ink!

Must I choose? I love the green and black combo…this design is fantastic! The breakdown is even better, and I love the idea of you giving away a copy of the book, which I’d love to have!!!. I’ve been following your show since it first came out except for a couple of years when I lived overseas, and I have learned so much from you. Thanks a million times over, Nancy!

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While our own observations certainly match the data, we’ve noticed a few other trends as well. Satin finishes seem to have run their course, regardless of what Mercedes-Benz says. Given it’s now available on a Hyundai , it’s no longer haute couture and perhaps it’s time for a new signature style.

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Turquoise Days Grey SkiesTurquoise Days Grey SkiesTurquoise Days Grey SkiesTurquoise Days Grey Skies


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