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L'Rell subsequently meets with Kol and offers to help as a "skilled interrogator," but Kol says L'Rell has been lying. The head Klingon orders that L'Rell be seized: "Show her how House Kor treats liars," he says to his soldiers. It's just then that the Klingons receive the signal from Pahvo, and warp into position.

What will happen next week? Will new chief of staff John Kelly successfully impose his famed military-style discipline? Will Mike Pence scheme behind Trump’s back, in the grand tradition of undermining vice presidents? And where the hell is Ivanka? Whatever happens, it will undoubtedly bring more stomach-dropping twists.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner" was directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Angela Kang . The episode became Nicotero's first directing credit for a full-length television episode of the series; he had previously conceived and directed the six-part web series The Walking Dead: Torn Apart . [2] As part of a promotional campaign, cast member Norman Reedus participated in a live chat on Entertainment Weekly coinciding with the airing of "Judge, Jury, Executioner". [3]

Onboard the Ghost as it travels through hyperspace, Hera and Kanan outline the plan: the ship will pass high over the relay as Ezra, Sabine and Chopper drop onto the dish, not using their rockets until the last minute in order to avoid detection. After they've installed a spike to tap into the dish's transmissions, the Ghost will come in low to pick them up. When she asks for questions, Ezra notes that this operation won't really hurt the Empire. Sabine points out to Ezra that that was a comment, not a question, but agrees that he has a point. Hera responds that if they destroy the relay, the Empire will just build another. Ezra protests the mission again, and she sharply rebukes him, pointing out that their orders are not up for debate. Hera, sitting in the cockpit by herself, is approached by Kanan, who asks her what's on her mind. She admits that she agrees with Ezra, as after what happened to her squadron, all she wants right now is to hurt the Empire the same way they keep hurting the Rebels. Kanan responds that that's Gerrera talking, not her, and that he's confident she will do the right thing. Hera says that she's not sure what the right thing is anymore. The Ghost drops out of hyperspace above Jalindi, and Kanan reminds Hera to scramble the ship's signature so the Imperials won't detect it.

 · Warning: This recap includes spoilers for Episode 8 of "Star Trek: Discovery." We haven't seen enough of the Klingons in this first season of "Discovery ...

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Various Imminent Episode OneVarious Imminent Episode OneVarious Imminent Episode OneVarious Imminent Episode One

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