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Countries with confirmed appointees include China; Israel; the Republic of Congo; Senegal; and New Zealand. The Senate also confirmed Nikki Haley, the . ambassador to the United Nations. This week, former Sen. Scott Brown announced via Twitter that he’d arrived in New Zealand as its ambassador and posted a photo of him and his wife outside the ambassador's residence in Wellington.

One of the greatest and most illustrious Arab navigators of all times, Ahmad Ibn Majid gained fame in the West as the man who guided Vasco da Gama to find his way ...

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This practice then spread to Europe during the Italian Wars . The use and creation of ambassadors during the 15th century in Italy has had long-term effects on Europe and, in turn, the world's diplomatic and political progression. Europe still uses the same terms of ambassador rights as they had established in the 16th century, concerning the rights of the ambassadors in host countries as well as the proper diplomatic procedures. An ambassador was used as a representative of the state in which he is from to negotiate and disseminate information in order to keep peace and establish relationships with other states. This attempt was employed in the effort to maintain peaceful relations with nations and make alliances during difficult times.

The United States was initially a popular choice for protecting power, going back to its protection of the North German Confederation during the Franco-Prussian War. The pinnacle of American diplomatic protection came during World War I , when the United States accepted reciprocal mandates from five of the largest belligerents on both sides: Britain, France, Austria-Hungary, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire. Between 1914 and 1917, the United States accepted a total of 54 mandates as protecting power. [19] When the United States entered the war on the Allied side in 1917, the American mandates were transferred to smaller neutrals, with the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland being popular choices.

Some countries may even prefer having a political appointee as the . ambassador because of the belief that person is a heavy-hitter who is more likely to have the president's ear than a traditional State Department employee. Generally speaking, the tougher, less-glamorous assignments — such as Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, or Yemen — tend to go to career diplomats, statistics show . At the same time, there is a fear among some diplomats that increasingly sensitive posts — in a country such as Hungary, for instance, which is veering toward autocracy — are going to political appointees with little relevant experience.

The Ambassadors Power Of LoveThe Ambassadors Power Of LoveThe Ambassadors Power Of LoveThe Ambassadors Power Of Love

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