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special operations military activities conducted by specially designated, organized, trained and equipped forces using operational techniques and modes of employment not standard to conventional forces. These activities are conducted across the full range of military operations independently or in coordination with operations of conventional forces to achieve political, military, psychological and economic objectives. Politico-military considerations may require clandestine, covert or discreet techniques and the acceptance of a degree of physical and political risk not associated with conventional operations. [4]

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While variations of the concept of special assessments have existed in a number of the world’s nations since the 1600s, [2] in the US a special assessment is more formally defined through court action as remuneration that a governmental unit may demand from property owners to fund a public project which creates a "benefit" in properties lying within a special geographic area known as a special assessment district.

Various Special For DeeJay N3Various Special For DeeJay N3Various Special For DeeJay N3Various Special For DeeJay N3

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