Celia extraits de hair

Ils sont différents de nous
Vampire, Sorcier, Démon et Loup-garou
Ils ne sont pas "gentils"
Ils tuent des innocents pour se nourrir, par jeu aussi...
Rien n'excuse leurs crimes
Pourquoi devrions-nous les apprécier?

To gain a better understanding of the recent history of this country and its effect on the daily lives of its inhabitants, and to provide a clearer insight into the amnesia and the unmentionable secrets still surrounding the dictatorship and the lists of the disappeared, she invited the collaboration of writer, Alan Pauls, author of the trilogy A History of Weeping, A History of Hair and A History of Money.

A S this was never designed: soe not likely to fall into the hands of any but my near relations, there needs not much to be said to Excuse or recommend it. may be diverting and proffitable tho' not to Gentlemen that have travelled more about England, staid longer in places, might have more acquaintance and more opportunity to be inform'd. My Journeys as they were begun to regain my health by variety and change of aire and exercise, soe whatever promoted that was pursued; and those informations of things as could be obtein'd from jnns en passant, or from some acquaintance, inhabitants of such places could ffurnish me with for my diversion, I thought necessary to remark: that as my bodily health was promoted my mind should not appear totally unoccupied, and the collecting it together remain for my after conversation (with such as might be inquisitive after such and such places) to w ch might have recourse; and as most I converse with knows both the ffreedom and Easyness I speak and write as well as my deffect in all, so they will not expect exactness or politeness in this book, tho' such Embellishments might have adorned the descriptions and suited the nicer taste.


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