Tuxedomoon ninotchka

"An anthology of classic Crépuscule singles and associated recordings by Tuxedomoon, the exiled American avant-gardists who recorded for LDDC between 1981 and 1983. At Twilight includes all tracks from the three vintage singles Ninotchka (TWI 055), Time to Lose (TWI 084) and The Cage (TWI 142), as well as rare compilation tracks including Shelved Dreams and Weihnachtsrap, the latter recorded for festive album Ghosts of Christmas Past (TWI 058). Also included in the haunting opening theme from The Ghost Sonata, an 'opera without words' performed by the group in Italy during the summer of 1982, while the set closes with the final three song demo with Blaine L. Reininger before his (temporary) departure in cover art is based on the poster for TWI 142 by Patrick Roques, the designer responsible for several other classic TM sleeves including Half Mute and Desire. The deluxe 6 panel digipack and booklet also feature archive band images, sleeve art and poster designs. Tracklist: 1. Ninotchka 2. Again 3. Time To Lose 4. Music #2 5. Blind 6. The Cage 7. This Beast 8. Shelved Dreams 9. The Ghost Sonata 10. Weihnachtsrap 11. Birthday Song (demo) 12. Watching The Blood Flow (demo) 13. Heaven Or Hell (demo) Available on CD only."

Tuxedomoon NinotchkaTuxedomoon NinotchkaTuxedomoon NinotchkaTuxedomoon Ninotchka


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