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While there was distinct court music, members of the social elite into the 16th century also seem to have enjoyed, and even to have contributed to the music of the people, as Henry VIII perhaps did with the tavern song " Pastime with Good Company ". [5] Peter Burke argued that late medieval social elites had their own culture, but were culturally ‘amphibious', able to participate in and affect popular traditions. [6]

Ozarks is a toponym believed to be derived as a linguistic corruption of the French abbreviation aux Arcs (short for aux Arkansas , or "of/at Arkansas" in English) [1] in the decades prior to the French and Indian War , aux Arkansas originally referring to the trading post at Arkansas Post , located in wooded Arkansas Delta lowland area above the confluence of the Arkansas River with the Mississippi River . [2] [3] [4] "Arkansas" seems to be the French version of what the Illinois tribe (further up the Mississippi) called the Quapaw , who lived in eastern Arkansas in the area of the trading post. Eventually, the term came to refer to all Ozark Plateau drainage into the Arkansas and Missouri Rivers .

Bob Gibson Folksongs Of OhioBob Gibson Folksongs Of OhioBob Gibson Folksongs Of OhioBob Gibson Folksongs Of Ohio

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