Pandoras stop pretending

I’ve been reading your and Philip Imbrogno’s book, The Vengeful Djinn recently and I want to share a little syncronicity that happed with you. I just recieved the book last week and have been reading since then(I have a hard time putting it down). I just got cable installed this past Saturday, and when the cable guys left I decided to enjoy my new service and decided to see what was on. One of my favorite channels is the SyFy channel, and I noticed that the Twilight Zone was on. So I tuned in and guess what episode was on? The genie episode, the same one that you mentioned in your book, which I had just read the night before! Funny, isn’t it? What was also interesting is that the movie following was “Dog Soldiers” a werewolf movie, and I am also reading Linda S. Godfrey’s book, The Michigan Dogman, which was also interesting (actually there was an entire werewolf marathon the rest of that day). I also noticed something else odd. It looked like there were shoeprints, two, o n the top of my wall, and one on my ceiling, like someone walked up the wall and onto the ceiling! I can’t for the life of me figure out what they really are(I even considered the cable guys, but that is impossible). They really look like shoe prints but I cant think of anything else they might be. Very odd. Do spirits leave footprints? 🙂
I’ve had many supernatural and spirtual experiences for years, far too many to mention here certainly, but maybe someday I will write them all down. Its good that there are people interested in this subject and many outlets on the internet in which to discuss it.  — .

Pandoras Stop PretendingPandoras Stop PretendingPandoras Stop PretendingPandoras Stop Pretending

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