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“Yes, I’m running as a Republican but I’m an independent-minded Republican,” he said. “I’m going to call balls and strikes on issues. I’m not just going to reflexively follow whatever the president or the Senate leadership or anybody else says. My mantra and my lodestar is going to be, what’s right for middle-class working families here in Rhode Island and small businesses here in the state.”

(f)  Private sector facilities where classified information is or will be used or stored shall be inspected, accredited, and monitored for compliance with standards established pursuant to Executive Order 12829, as amended, by the Department of Defense or the cognizant security agency under Executive Order 12829, as amended.

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action (CTA) to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities calls on us to increase walking by working …

Individuals have to make the decision to walk. However, the decision can be made easier by improvements to community walkability and by programs and policies that provide opportunities and encouragement for walking. Individuals and partners working together can make walking a national priority and create a national walking movement. A role exists for all sectors of society, including transportation, land use, and community design; parks, recreation, and fitness; education; business and industry; volunteer and nonprofit organizations; health care; media; and public health. Families and individuals also have an important role to play to help make the . a walkable nation. Find out more about the role each sector can play >>

'I had realised from an early age that my mother's moral view of the world did not match mine. She resisted change, but I was a baby-boomer, a product of the 60s. I found it exciting.

Internet Safety Hint:   Last year we achieved the  e-Safety 360 Degree Award .  At the core of this process was encouraging our pupils to treat others online as they would like to be treated.  This month we ask our pupils to be kind online and always treat others with a generous attitude. 

Whitehouse Live Action 1Whitehouse Live Action 1Whitehouse Live Action 1Whitehouse Live Action 1


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