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Grade 10: Elliot Adamson, Dalal Ahmidouch, Rohan Akki, Navya Belavadi, Sydney Berry, Le Bui, Phuong-Vy Bui, Elena Carabeau, James Cha, Gianna Cohen, Robert Creech, Fenway Donegan, Yasseen El-Abdellaoui, Mansi Gupta, Zain Hameed, Teddy Harnatkiewicz, Carly Herndon, Aidan Hunt, Rabia Kang, Chanhee Kim, Robert Kobrin, Advika Kumar, Dulce Lopez-Alvarez, Kara Maxwell, Janavi Mehta, Bryan Nie, Zachary Quaglia, Jacqueline Ramsaur, Ethan Santana, Emmalyn Sarver, Christina Scott, Brendan Shoemaker, Floren Siapno, Kiran Soma, Abigail Stevens, Ayesha Tahirkheli, Trinity Taylor, Zoey Thonen-Fleck, Lan Truong, Alan Tung, Ayah Wahab, Rachel Witherspoon

Johnson Alexander. Graveside services for lifelong Seminole resident Johnson Alexander are scheduled for 1 . Saturday at the …

In April 2009, Beenie Man signed with Brookland Entertainment, a new record label formed by Eric Nicks and The Trackmasters, in preparation to release his new album The Legend Returns , the music video for the release of his new single "Gimme Gimme" being shot in Canada on 18 April 2009. The song "Let's Go" was released on the Overproof Riddim compilation album in 2011.

Jamaica was one of the first cultures to pioneer the concept of remixing. As a result, production level and sound system quality were critical to Jamaica's budding music industry. Since many locals couldn’t afford sound systems in their home, listening to one at a dance party or at a festival was their entry into audible bliss. Brougtton and Brewster in Last Night a DJ Saved My Life states that sound systems were a product of Jamaican social lifestyle. The cultural importance and appreciation of sound systems allowed DJs to really experiment with their sound. With the rising appeal to electronically distorted and enhanced music, musicians wanted to capitalize on this interest and thus that drove innovative collaborations between producers and performers. The success of music wasn’t just in the hands of one person anymore, it was a factor of the DJ, speaking poetic words to the audience, the Selector, harmonizing beats in an aesthetically pleasing way, and the Sound Engineer, wiring the sound systems to handle deeper and louder bass tones. Music became a factor of many elements and the physicality of that sound was a strategic puzzle left for musicians to solve. [15]

Triston Palma The Best Of Triston PalmaTriston Palma The Best Of Triston PalmaTriston Palma The Best Of Triston PalmaTriston Palma The Best Of Triston Palma

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