White mice try a thing

Deer Mice are best controlled by poison baits such as Contrac . The same baits that are used for controlling house mice will kill deer mice. It is always best to use baits in a tamper resistant bait station such as the Rodent Cafe Bait Station or the Protecta Bait Station whether indoors or outdoors.

Killum Pest Control offers an excellent online guide to interpreting rodent signs. Please visit their site for more information, but I’ll just share briefly their comments on dropping and urine identification.

Mice come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some common mice colors are white, brown and grey. Some are very tiny and others are around the size of a baked potato. 

White Mice Try A ThingWhite Mice Try A ThingWhite Mice Try A ThingWhite Mice Try A Thing


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