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The acoustic music is quite instrumentally oriented, the scarce vocals sung in German are shared by a female and a male member. Sean Trane has mentioned references such as AMAZING BLONDEL, RIPAILLE, MALICORNE, and the German acts OUGENWEIDE and PARZIVAL. Likewise, E. M. favours Medieval influences and uses . recorder, flute, mandolin, sitar and glockenspiel. There aren't much of rock elements here, but interestingly I sense some slight jazziness, comparable to the English folk rock masters PENTANGLE. This comparison is also helped by the female vocals and the fine double bass sound. There may not be any absoulute highlights but I do enjoy the atmosphere and the medieval-inspired sound of this album. Worth checking out if you enjoy the bands mentioned above. 3' stars. And since Sean Trane rounded the same downwards, I'll keep the balance by rounding it up. social review comments | Review Permalink
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Emma Myldenberger Emma MyldenbergerEmma Myldenberger Emma MyldenbergerEmma Myldenberger Emma MyldenbergerEmma Myldenberger Emma Myldenberger


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