Ausgang bad hand

The German name for Franconia, Franken , comes from the dative plural form of Franke, a member of the Germanic tribe known as the Franks . [5] [6] The onomatologists largely follow the reference book compiled by early medieval scholar, Saint Isidore of Seville , (c. 560–636) and state that the name derives from an Indo-Germanic root, *(s)p(h)ereg- ("avaricious" or "ferocious"). This syllable occurs in the Middle Dutch vrac , "avaricious", and old Norwegian frakkr , "quick, bold", and means something like "brave, daring, courageous". According to this the Franks were thus the "brave ones", "courageous ones" or "audacious ones". [7] From the 9th century the geographical name no longer referred to the whole of France , but increasingly to the region along the River Main, where the name finally stuck. [8]

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Ausgang Bad HandAusgang Bad HandAusgang Bad HandAusgang Bad Hand

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