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Artist-designed box set retrospectives tend to be idiosyncratic, and this one is no exception. Take the title, which describes a 52-track, 200-plus-minute, three-disc set, the earliest recording from which actually was released in 1957 (that's Tom & Jerry 's chart single, "Hey, Schoolgirl") and which contains no recordings from 1964 or from later than 1991. While Simon has included all of his biggest solo hits and most of those by Simon & Garfunkel (excepting "Homeward Bound" and "I Am a Rock"), and has grouped the songs into three roughly chronological sections (1957-1973, 1973-1983, and 1986-1991), he has made song choices and sequencing decisions within each section more reflective of his own taste than any historical or audience-based consideration. The music is so good it almost doesn't matter, but with only one previously unreleased song (a 1991 outtake from The Rhythm of the Saints ), Paul Simon 1964/1993 is basically an abridged reshuffling of Simon 's existing catalog. [Note also that Simon 's tendency to edit his songs for use on compilations continues: "Loves Me Like a Rock" is 13 seconds shorter than the version on There Goes Rhymin' Simon , while "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" has lost 29 seconds from the Still Crazy After All These Years version.]

Paul Simon The Concert in Hyde Park, a career-spanning set featuring Hugh Masekela, Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Jimmy Cliff.

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In early 1964, Simon and Garfunkel got an audition with Columbia Records , whose executive Clive Davis was impressed enough to sign the duo to a contract to produce an album. Columbia decided that the two would be called simply "Simon & Garfunkel," abandoning the group's previous name "Tom and Jerry." Simon said in 2003 that this renaming as "Simon & Garfunkel" marked the first time only artists' surnames had been used in pop music. [23] Simon and Garfunkel's first LP, Wednesday Morning, 3 . , was released on October 19, 1964; it consisted of 12 songs in the folk vein, five written by Simon. The album initially flopped.

The Paul Simon Songbook (1965)
After Simon and Garfunkel's 1964 debut LP tanked, Simon spent a season of exile on the British folk scene. Recorded there in just three days and originally released only in the ., Simon's first album as a solo artist was actually a map to his future back in New York: stark, acoustic readings of 12 originals soon recut as moving – and more commercial – folk rock with Garfunkel.

Asked by Mongabay what he hopes to accomplish with his upcoming tour, Simon said: “The Half-Earth thinking and the name of Edward Wilson will be more familiar at the very least because of this, and that will accomplish who knows what. Hopefully something significant. It can’t be insignificant. It will be something. It makes sense to me. It gives me added incentive to go out and perform again. …I mean, look at Ed. At 87, he’s remarkable. And we’re so fortunate that he’s doing this.”

He’d promised his dad he was working on a business plan to buy time, but he knew if the topic came up at dinner that night it would be clear that he had no plan, and that he hadn’t made any attempt in the last week to find one.

Paul Simon Late In The EveningPaul Simon Late In The EveningPaul Simon Late In The EveningPaul Simon Late In The Evening

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