The pink fairies never neverland

At that time we (Optikinetics) were the resident light show at Hemel Hempstead Pavilion where Harvey Goldsmith , and his then partner Mike Alfondary , ran a monthly gig on a Sunday night. After one they returned with us to the farm house on Barbara Cartlands estate just outside Hatfield where we started our business for coffee and ....... They told us they had just booked Crystal Palace Bowl for Britain's first one day rock festival and sought our advice as to who they should put on ! I subsequently remember standing at the back of the stage next to Robert Wyatt - Soft Machine's drummer before his accident -watching Pink Floyd through their amps. I forget which 'Party' it was but at the beginning of one a big American car was driven around the perimeter road as a rumour went like wildfire through the crowd that Elvis Presley was arriving ! - Good 'ole Harvey - always the showman. Harvey and Mike also organised some of The Camden Rock Festivals at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm, which I guess should also be on your site. The one I worked on with Krishna Lights circa '69 had Taj Mahal, It's A Beautiful Day and Family amongst others.   Hi, I would like to add I was at the 1971 Crystal Palace concert, it seems like many moons ago.
I went to see Pink Floyd, and The Faces, great concert, I remember just before P F came on stage, their music started to come out of the Quad speakers up on the hill (small) the bass intro line from "ONE OF THESE DAYS I'M GOING TO CUT YOU INTO LITTLE PIECES" the music criss crossed the open air, it kept playing with our heads, you could watch 10,000 heads turn and "watch" the music zigzag from speaker to speaker, pretty amazing stuff.
I also attended the 1972 concert, went to see Yes , ANOTHER GREAT SHOW.
May 15th 1971. DJ : Pete Drummond Quiver  Mountain. The Faces Pink Floyd.

The Pink Fairies Never NeverlandThe Pink Fairies Never NeverlandThe Pink Fairies Never NeverlandThe Pink Fairies Never Neverland

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